New Company Will Offer Underwater Vehicle Inspection Services

Jerry Jones has resigned as president of Ocean Systems to form a new, highly specialized underwater vehicle inspection services company, JERED. Coowner in the new company is Ed Trlica, former vice president of Martech, and recently manager of Solus Ocean Systems' Gulf Coast Division.

The owners feel that a need exists in the offshore petroleum industry for a non-diving company to provide high-quality, unmanned vehicle inspection services. As new applications are required by the petroleum industry for unmanned, remotely controlled underwater devices, solutions to these applications can best be met by a high-technology, engineering-oriented company that provides a dedicated service, the JERED owners stated.

For the first year, operations will be restricted to the Gulf of Mexico, using specially prepared underwater vehicles manufactured by Perry Oceanographies. An initial order for four vehicles is part of a planned 14-unit package that will be delivered over a 48-month period. The initial four vehicles will be outfitted with color and black-and-white video systems, manipulator arms, and specialized electronic, non-destructive testing equipment. All vehicles will be capable of performing inspections inside platforms as well as on submarine pipelines.

A modern warehouse office facility is being constructed in Houston for occupancy in October this year. The company's mailing address is: JERED, P.O. Box 218666, Houston, TX 77218.

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