Promet Private Launches Jackup r For The Offshore Comrp an7y

an7y offshore

Promet Private Limited, Singapore, recently launched a 165- foot by 140-foot by 18-foot jackup rig, Offshore Jupiter (shown above), owned by The Offshore Company of Houston. The drilling rig, a four-legged, 150-foot water depth, cantilever jackup will probably be operating in the Arabian Gulf. Equipped with recessed tank footings, the rig will be a version of proven Offshore design and will be capable of working in worldwide water depths from 13 to 150 feet and drilling to depths of 16,000 feet.

The platform includes a cambered- deck steel hull about 18 feet deep supported by four tubular caisson-type legs, and will be fitted with living quarters for 82 men on three levels above deck. Other projects recently awarded to Promet include two units of BMC-200, 200-foot water depth Self-elevating Independent Leg Mobile Drilling Unit for Sedco Inc., and one unit BMC-300, 300- foot water depth Jackup Drilling Unit.

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